The 7/7 challenge begins!

atom-age-vampire1Hello fellow ghouls, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve hopped on this blog forum, but since I’ve been recruited to lend a hand with the 7/7 Goodreads blog challenge by my fellow author, the most excellent Sandy Saidak.

I will not be found wanting!

The full story from Sandy’s blog is as follows:

“C.P. Lesley, a writer and member of Goodreads, recruited me for this blog challenge. I agreed—well, frankly, because it sounded like fun. The rules are simple: post seven lines from p. 7 (or 77) of my work in progress; thank C.P. for inviting me with a link back to her blog; and talk seven other writers into participating by posting seven lines from the appropriate pages of their works in progress, thanking/linking to me, posting the challenge rules, and finding seven other authors to carry on the chain.   Like a chain letter, but more fun!  (And one that might introduce a lot of people to good books they might not otherwise discover.)”

So with humility I submit this segment from page 7 of my under construction prequel to “The Eyes of the Stars,” currently titled “The Omega Silence.”  In the excerpt, my heroine, Shiloh is far from home and thinking about making friends:

“The weather-hardened guard at the post gave her ID documents a deep, lengthy look before turning his eyes to meet Shiloh’s.

Something in his gaze made her shudder as they momentarily locked eyes. There was intensity showing through them. An intensity that let Shiloh know that he’d better mind her P’s and Q’s while out here.

She decided late in the process that she should break the tension with a smile. It wasn’t returned. With an angry wave, the solider sent them on their way

Well that was no good, thought Shiloh with an internal sigh. Five seconds here and already everyone thinks I’m a schemel.”

Much thanks to my fellow authors who are doing this challenge. And like always, remember everyday to tell a scary story or six.




About sabbx

J.Malcolm Stewart is a self employed Marketing/ P.R. professional who loves to stir the pot. He holds degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion, but can have a conversation someone that won't start a small war. His short fiction has appeared in the Pulp Empire Anthology and on the Smoke and podcast. His first novel "The Eyes of the Stars" is available now at Jason lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and when not working on his writing, you can find him driving around Northern California with something radioactive in his trunk.
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