Fear of a Wack Planet: Talking with Bret Alexander Sweet

worldSometimes in life, good things DO come to those who wait….

This is the case with the following conversation with author/ educator/ entrepreneur Bret Alexander Sweet. The best conversation in the three year history of the Writer’s Block feature was a July sitdown with Bret that covered topics far and wide, not the least of which is his super imaginative fantasy, sci-fi novel, Among the Veils.

Sadly, that interview was lost to the evils of the digital age as a glitch in the recording 524800_152754964873008_918248003_nerased two hours of passion, insight and good humor. But, in crisis, there can be opportunity as the conversation was so good, we decided to get together again… And potentially, again and again, as Bret has insight and contacts all over the spectrum. Thus, we have our humble offering which currently has been enshrined as Fear of Wack Planet.

Recorded in Sept, this edition gives the final roundup to this year’s summer blockbusters, the battle between Marvel/Disney and Warners Bros./DC in the movie field, the state of Black Cosplayers and why you never start a statement with Stan Lee’s name…

Different, controversial and provocative, Bret makes the grade all over the map. Lucky for me, this is just more of the same excellence I’ve been lucky to hear for several months now.

 Lucky for you, it’s time to listen for yourself….






basheadshotFrom the Author’s Website:  Bret Alexander Sweet was born in San Francisco, California. He was raised between Oakland and Sacramento, settling in San Francisco in 1997. Bret graduated from Berkeley High School in 1995. He is the son of prominent Bay Area civil rights attorney and social entrepreneur, Clifford Charles Sweet.

Bret combined his passion for music and entrepreneurship at a young age by earning himself an internship at PolyGram Group Distribution’s San Francisco office in the summer of 1995. Three months later he was an artist development rep focusing on the company’s urban division associated with Island Def Jam artists. He left PolyGram shortly after the merger to focus more on his college career at San Francisco State University and open his own label. Throughout his studies, Bret invested his time working in various community development organizations as well as running his own independent record label, House Kemetic Suns. Although House Kemetic Suns never reached platinum status with its artists, Bret had established the first online music distribution channel when he was 19; 6 years before Steve Jobs would bring iTunes to market.

In 2002, Bret began teaching entrepreneurship to youth and young adults from under-developed communities. In 2003, he signed on as Lead Entrepreneurship Instructor at BUILD, a non-profit organization in Menlo Park that uses entrepreneurship as vehicle for college admission for first generation students. In 2004, Bret was awarded Certified Teacher of the Year by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. In fall of 2007,

Bret retired from teaching to pursue his life long dream of an MBA at the University of San Francisco. In 2008, Bret began certifying new cohorts of future NFTE instructor as a NFTE CETI (Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher Instructor). Bret graduated from the University of San Francisco in May 2009 with his Master’s of Business Administration with a dual emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In December 2008, he received the USF School of Management’s Dean Circle Scholarship for exemplary service in his community.

In 2007, Bret founded the Dualism Group which is early stage venture capitalism firm and consulting arm geared toward helping underserved entrepreneurs launch and expand their companies in order to bring jobs to lower income communities. One of his clients is Robert Simpson of Back A Yard Corporation which led to Bret being instrumental in the founding of Coconuts Palo Alto and the expansion of Back A Yard into San Jose. In addition he established his own property management firm called Sweet Rentality which creates tech innovations for the property rental market.

 Bret @: www.paperthrones.com



Jason Malcolm Stewart is an author, journalist and media professional who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His short fiction has appeared in the Pulp Empire Series, Heroes of Mars, Twisted Tales, Temptation Magazine as well as on the Smoke and Mirrors podcast. His non-fiction Quicklet on a variety of topics can be found at Hyperink.com.

Jason also writes a regular television column and book reviews for darkmediaonline.com, movie reviews for justpressplay.com and about the NFL for rantsports.com. His novel “The Eyes of the Stars” is now available from Double-Dragon Press in ebook and paperback. His non-fiction collection of horror film essays , “Look Back in Horror,” is also available now at Amazon.com.


About sabbx

J.Malcolm Stewart is a self employed Marketing/ P.R. professional who loves to stir the pot. He holds degrees in Political Science and Comparative Religion, but can have a conversation someone that won't start a small war. His short fiction has appeared in the Pulp Empire Anthology and on the Smoke and Mirrors.us podcast. His first novel "The Eyes of the Stars" is available now at www.double-dragon-ebooks.com. Jason lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and when not working on his writing, you can find him driving around Northern California with something radioactive in his trunk.
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